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Amplistortion 2

Guitar Multi-effects with Amp Simulator

Free VST Plugin  


How to install ?
Copy the .vst3 file into the plugin directory of your favorite music software.

By downloading, you agree with the conditions, see below.
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Amplistortion is a real time guitar multi-effects. You can use it for playing live music, the digital signal processing has an ultra low latency. You can use it in studio for composing or at home for playing with headsets during the night without having to disturb your neighborhood. Amplistortion is a polyvalent tool that provides a high quality of sound and an excellent high gain distortion. It's a great tool for playing hard rock songs but you can use it for all kind of music. It emulates all you need to play guitar, pedalboard, amp, cabinet, microphones and let you focused on your music and creativity.
How to use it ? Just create a stereo track in your music software then load the plugin. You'll find Amplistortion2 is in the distortion section. Select the input side, left or right for your guitar.

I hope you'll enjoy your sound, René-Charles.

Audio Samples

# Songs


Amplistortion 2 includes the real time following effects:

# Effect
1 Stereo Source Selector
2 Compressor (with smart Noise Gate)
3 Tube Distortion
4 Ampli/Cab/Mic Simulator
5 Stereo Chorus
6 Stereo Delay
7 Stereo Reverb
8 Stereo Enhancer
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Last release:

  • Version

Plugin Formats:

  • VST3.6.5 64 bits
  • VST3.6.5 32 bits

OS Compatibility:

  • Windows 10 (64bits and 32 bits)
  • Windows 8.1 (64bits and 32 bits)
  • Windows 7 (64bits and 32 bits)

Recommanded Hardware:

  • PC with I7 processor
  • Audio soundcard with instrument input (Hi-Z) and ASIO drivers


By downloading Amplistortion you agree with the following conditions : The software is provided « as is » without any guaranty. The author doesn’t guaranty the results obtained by the use of the software. He doesn’t guaranty that the software is exempted of bug. The author has the choice to maintain or not the software and can stop the lifetime of the product at every moment. You commit to assum the whole responsibility of the installation and the use of the software. The author or anybody else will not be responsible of damages or losses, direct or indirect, following the use of the software. This software is free to use. All rights are the exclusive property of the author René-Charles Valade. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by the author. You are free to use the software, but you are not allowed to sell it, redistribute it or modify it.

For checking the CRC64 values, please use CRC SHA, it's a tool installed with 7zip. You can compute CRC values and check the integrity of your file. Click on the .vst3 file -> contextual menu -> CRC SHA -> CRC64 and compare the value with the one indicated on this website. If the CRC64 value differs, please don't use the plugin.


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